Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shutup. I need complete fucking silence whilst I consider my next sartorial move...

Do male designers create grander fashion for females than females do and vice versa?
I suppose it's half and half.
If you look at menswear for example, lets take Arthur Galan. Creates some of the most exciting fashion for men in Australia though his womens lines are comparatively extremely disappointing. I don't know why he bothered doing womens honestly. Why distract from his magnificent menswear? To his defense he's been doing mens since 98 and womens only since 06, maybe it'll catch up. but seriously BOOM:

I love you Arthur please read the messages I sent you on facebook. I know I've threatened violence but I don't want it to come to that, just please bring a menswear store to Adelaide. Ya eastern seaboard jackass

Anyway, the thing I really wanted to suggest is that, I believe that women, by and large, design better clothes for men than men can/do. I think men are too clouded by our own vision of ourselves to appraise men as a whole honestly. Women on the other hand who generally hate us, I think, have a truer vision and idea about what men should look like. I'm not going to go as far as saying that men evaluate women better than they do because women are of course unstable cyclonic enigmas that refuse to allow themselves to be understood by the boorish male sex.

Furthermore, I think that women either by default or design, create menswear they know females will be attracted to. So why wouldn't a straight guy want to wear their designs? Like a wife or girlfriend that might fix your hair and straighten your collar, female designers look after menswear for the entire gender.

Oh yeah, another thing. Women love their accessories. Their jewellery. And they have many more options than men do to enhance their outfits. Sure guys can wear bracelets and necklaces and rings and brooches but they are usually worn for the sake of wearing them. Female designers struggle with this lack of i suppose smaller items and details to make the outfit. So they put more effort into promoting what we do have. The cut of the collar, the way a jacket fits to give a body form, the buttons, cufflinks, socks, gloves, hats etc etc. They put alot of thought and effort into these pieces because of their struggle and desire for the details they as females are more used to.

This girl's collection is a little old but i remember seeing it earlier this year and thinking it was really cool. Her name is Siri Johansen and i think its rad that she's decided to design menswear. This collection was inspired by everyday garments and by knit/fabric structures such as herringbone and grey marl sweaters.

I know not really the sort of thing anyone wants to look at given the weather. Pretty cool all the same

And here's an example of female designers making the most of menswear details, Siri Johansen has designed these little norwegian clasps to hold fabric together.

But this, this, is probably the coolest thing i've seen in a while. I remember stumbling across it ages ago and bookmarking it. I since deleted said bookmark and lost it altogether until I came across it again, thank god, thanks to Imelda the despotic queen of shoes. Which in itself is a miracle because she hardly even has any interest in mens shoes because lets face it most pieces out there would more than pale in comparison to the womens shoes that grace that blog. More on that later.

Now if this doesn't prove my argument that women design better clothes for men than men do - then fuck you - you don't know what you're talking about you tacky, uncultured, greaseball gutter trash.

Weronika Lesniak. She's a she and she designs for hes' predominantly footwear. Personally I love shoes and the thought of more dedicated mens footwear designers excites me to lengths that stretch beyond family friendly ratings.

So basically her collection, titled "War of the Banks" was inspired/motivated by the GFC. After researching a whole bunch of shit including but not limited to the Feudal System she decided that banks and bankers as part of modern financial institutions were direct inheritors of the Feudal system. Thats to say they were part of the modern manifestation of it. By controlling the land through mortgages, 'fighting wars' between banks and conquering each other through bankruptcy and mergers. Effectively making bankers modern day knights. Her collection is designed to clothe these bankers for "battle".
The links to medieval nobility can be seen quite clearly in this particular footwear idol. Which is now my footwear golden fleece, pelt of the Nemean Lion and holy grail rolled into one.




oh yeah, i was going to say something else.

heaps of girls are loving doc martens right now. well raf simons who creates little stingers like these

well he's collaborated with the doctor to create some interesting footwear.

oh yeah and my point before about Imelda the despotic queen of shoes rarely showing mens shoes. Well I was just surprised to see some on there because usually its like a womens shoe porno mag - case in point--> click image to appreciate

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rats off of a sinking ship.......

Shake it, like a ladder to the sun.
Makes me feel like a madman on the run.
Find me. Never. Never far gone.
So get your leather. Leather. Leather on. on. on. on.

You're a ZERO.
What's your name?
No one's going to ask you
Better find out where they want you to go.
Try and hit the spot.
Get to know it in the dark.
Get to know whether you're crying. Crying. Crying. Oh. Oh.
Can you climb. Climb. Climb Higher?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I had a dream last night. You were on fire.

So a few months ago i read twilight. I had already seen the film.
It was easy to get into, and i enjoyed how simple it was. how very little i needed to invest intellectually into the er, novel? i think i find harry potter at least twice as challenging.
the repetition of these unnecessary descriptive tangents got on my nerves after a while. i clenched my teeth every time i read about edward's smouldering eyes (must have been a dozen times). what's her name stephanie something? for fucks sakes we get it, edward gives bella a serious panic in the pants, no need to remind us every 15 pages. i mean it was almost laughable. trying to i dont know, make very simple sensations like bella having a minor orgasm into 6 pages of size 18print nonsense. just because you write more about something dirty doesnt transform it into something more elegant. we all saw the movie, you see the look on bella's face half the time, she's cracking a massive boner courtesy of eduardos smouldering eyes or granite chiseled features yada yada yada.

anyway, so soon after finishing twilight i started reading new moon, hoping i was getting into another piss easy read, the kind that makes me feel like im half watching a crap movie at 2am.
i didnt get very far i was distracted, recently i picked it up again and to my great pleasure came across something i had not expected.

bella gets shafted, shut down, dumped, dodged, slammed, crushed, ditched, dealt a shit fucking hand, deserted, abandoned, ignored. and is suffering, like really suffering! unfortunately the book doesnt go into nearly as much depth as i would have liked. im more of a fan of descriptions of cataclysmic despair, delusions of suicide and so on. all bella gets is a "hole". wow stephanie, groundbreaking literature there, someone leaves and you feel like theres a hole you can't fill? as if no one had thought of that already?

my point is, if there is one to make, is that i enjoyed seeing a female suffer at the hands of a male. i really did. see in my experience, the roles have been reversed, the male views the female as some sort of divine being, incapable of intentional trespass against me, of error or mistake in any way. a figure of perfection, each inch of her beautiful in its own way. someone to be waited on. given preference over everyone else. someone to invest in completely. most devastatingly so, someone who does not reciprocate any of the afore mentioned sentiments. or at best to a far more diluted degree.

so forgive me if i like to see a girl, however fictional, suffering similar defeat and betrayal.
maybe it makes me feel slightly better that fictional suffering captures a small part of how i've felt in the past. i am also known to move through periods of intense misogyny which would explain my entertainment at young miss swan's broken heart.

I do miss the cullens though (i havent finished new moon yet), i wish there would be more detail as to the architecture of their home, its furnishings, and the designer clothes they clearly would wear. I also felt a strange connection with Jasper. Edward pisses me off. He would be one of those seen to be scene indie arty alternative kids who carry old cameras around and talk about their vintage clothes whilst mum and dad pay for euro trips and weekend grams. damn jackass would probably take the girl i like too.

I don't know about you hedi slimane. you sort of weird me out a little. the shoots you did of kate moss and peter dougherty were far too close together. and im not sure about what you are trying to promote with your work. as far as i can see its anorexia and smoking. which i have nothing against, each to their own, leave me alone.

i do find about 10% of his images rather striking, effective. the other ninety waste my time until i find the next shot that isn't so contrived and staged and 'fucking rock and roll noir yeah baby tattoos and guitars'. i dont know how he gets away with taking photos of children at gigs and festivals but he does.

sometimes im drunk when i look at things.
i speed read blogs and fly through old magazines until i get tired enough to sleep. when im drunk and i scroll through hedi slimane diary and i see these... boys and girls, young teenagers. i want to be super skinny again, unhealthily so. so much so people worry again. i want to get tattoos all over my body, piercings. and up the ante on my drinking and smoking. basically i have strong delusions of starvation and self mutilation Re tatts and piercings. it doesnt last very long, say an hour or two. but theres just something about those whippet thin boys with snappy hair cuts and upper arm tattoos. makes me want to give that 14 year old me a phone call and say "stop fucking eating! start stealing cigarettes! read more magazines! steal money! become an ice king!"
i've never been to california. i probably never will drop in. but is it really true hedi? do all the guys really never wear shirts? and did their parents sign something so they could get those tattoos? or is it all just a myth?

you know like that myth in just about every fash mag or catalogue, the one that shows all the hot girls hanging out in carparks? so that's where they all come from...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

like a coin that won't get tossed

when i think of the happiness and heart breaks i experienced when i was younger and compare it to how i feel today it makes me worry.
it's as if i've lost some emotional strength, energy.
maybe when i was younger i was granted all of this energy, but i could never fill a space with it or give it to someone who would keep it, just drains to pour it down. so i lost it all, wasted it, never knew how to use it properly or just wasn't given the chance to invest it.
now i feel weaker, like i simply can't amass that sort of feeling again. that caliber of emotion.

it was those strong emotions that forced me to act on feelings, impulse, to take opportunities.
without those emotions fueling me am i letting opportunities pass me by? am i ignoring the impulses that should be leading me towards the changes i need or want?

it's difficult to tell. perhaps instead of living all the time on an emotional hair-trigger i have learned to keep my emotions at bay until i need to employ them. maybe experience has taught me that the more emotion you invest the more you stand to lose. maybe bad experiences, bad luck have made me afraid, created this trepidation towards feeling strongly about something, someone. could a few nasty instances have turned me into a numb wreck happy to see chances pass me by, lest i risk losing again.

i suppose if certain things hurt or damage you enough you tend to avoid them. i think that's why i stopped skating.

or maybe i just havent experienced anything in the last couple of years that has called up these strong emotions and that it's only a matter of time before i hit higher and lower octaves of feeling and move on from this emotional middle ground.

i can't help but feel like i've lost some advantage, some skill i was never able to hone or control.

have you ever wondered what it would be like to live without mobile phones and facebook? without the internet even?
i think it would be wonderful.
technology has cheapened friendship and love.
nowadays people can contact you in some way at any time. but our emotions still arent ready for this speed of interaction, technology has grown alot faster than we have.

friends, for example, have taken on a whole new meaning. people can interact with you using messaging like facebook chat or skype or messenger. this is not natural, humans are more complex that what we can type into fb chat, we are supposed to actually see and hear eachother.

facebook chat is only useful for communicating the simplest of things. trying to convey emotions accurately is impossible but people still try. we are afraid of expressing our emotions to others but by typing it to someone we are far removed and arent nearly as nervous. except we deny ourselves the human interaction how will we ever learn to communicate properly with the people we have feelings for if we only mention it in flashes of impulsive text without even seeing eachother? how can a relationship develop properly if you talk to eachother non-stop in text.
feelings take time to grow and they require time to be expressed correctly. someone constantly badgering you for instant answers is never going to get the truth.

if it was the case that people only communicated in letters and when we saw eachother we would see far healthier relationships. people should be disconnected from one another for times. these times of being apart allow the individual to think, for their feelings to grow and most importantly they prevent them from getting caught up in constant dialogue and losing sight of things. if we feel strongly for someone then its even more necessary to have breaks from them. stronger feelings require time to mature, you need time away from this influence to fully recognise what it is doing to you. if you don't you'll be high all the time, you won't see things realistically and its only a matter of time before you get hurt.

and never underestimate the strenght of the letter. sitting down and writing a letter by hand is going to give you far better results than trying to nut something out on skype where the person you are speaking to is in three other conversations and merely glosses over everything you write.
when you write a letter you arent forced to respond instantly. you arent interrupted by the other party challenging or questioning or fucking nit-picking at your words. you dont have to put up with them bailing on you or trying to change the topic. in a letter you are the only voice and you have all the time in the world to put the right words down on paper. you see your thoughts grow and move as you push your pen around. you can scratch out, revisit, alter, draft or finnegan begin again. most importantly, when the person you are writing to receives your letter they hear you from beginning to end without interruption. they are forced to listen to all of your well thought words. they have this part of you on paper, and can hold onto it, keep it somewhere safe. and when you aren't around or when they are thinking about you, they can read it.
hopefully, if the person you send it to isnt too much of a lazy dick, they take the time to write one back. and who doesnt love getting letters?

if we only spoke when we saw eachother then there would be far less confusion. no more dealing with the weighing of things said on facebook against what is said in real life. for when you speak to someone you hear the tone of their voice, the speed of their words, you hear the silences between their words, you know where their eyes are looking, see their hands move, feel them touch you. we require all of these senses to really hear what we say to one another.

if we continue to use removed communication such as facebook to speak honestly to one another then we will end up saying nothing to eachother when we do see eachother. i've noticed it already. there are people who i can only have serious conversations with when i can't see them, so when i do see them the conversation is trivial bullshit. it's just awful.
don't you feel upset when the people you really want to see only speak to you on facebook?
makes you want to burn facebook down doesnt it.
don't you hate it when people include facebook into their social lives? when your actions on facebook become just as important as your actions in real life?

when we are in constant contact with one another it's far too easy for things to snowball out of control. you can convince yourself you have stronger feelings for someone than perhaps you really do. it's too easy to get into fights with people and ruin good relationships unless you have break time to cool off. we need to be separated from eachother more often lest the times we actually meet lose all meaning. our friends should be the people who see us not the ones who comment on our walls. you dont want to be one of those people who sees too many screens and not enough faces.

with all of this constant communication people move too fast, then wonder why they get hurt. our social lives arent supposed to be so constant. this is why we make so many mistakes.

we're all driving over the social speed limit, it's no wonder we crash all the time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Requiem for a decent haircut

A guy called anthony butchered my hair about two weeks ago. Way too short. Wrong cut altogether. I look like someone from the 80s, or a goddamn marine, or a brunette lance bass.
I can't wait until it grows out. These are some photos in remembrance of my hair which I never appreciated until I began wearing my current buzz cut.

My friend James was designing these pendants and needed a pony to try it on.
He is Lebanese but is actually an alright guy despite his racial handicap.
This is James. Self promoting his "moustache for the dapper man of the future" pendant.

This is Daniel. He's one of those people who still thinks it's rad to flip the bird at every photo opportunity. Come on Dan you're a big boy now, get your rig out like a real man.

I just used to wake up in the morning and it would look like this. No hairspray or nuthin.
I was also skinnier then, see! look how much happier I am!
I blame people and macdonalds.

This is Scattered Indulgence, they got robbed at the band competition on Thursday night. I had a great time with these kids from Whyalla until I realised that I'd lost my fucking iphone.
Vodka shots may have hindered my ability to "hold onto my shit".
I'm losing everything these days, people, phones, hair, my mind. Everything except weight.
Rest in peace iphone, we had some great times.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So. I've never been a big Ck fan. I bought a denim jacket from them about 5 years ago and that's been it. I find their designs so boring. So when I saw the results of Zuchelli designing for them it was like a cum-shot to the face. Note Below. Look at those lemon and tangerine stingers! shits changing over at Ck.

Two kids and you still dress like that. Czech those heels chk chk boom.
This is Zanita. She's from sydney. She has a huge crush on me.
This is my hair goal in the next month or so once the butchering of my formerly great hairstyle has grown out.
I know we're all supposed to love Balmain. So do we all have to inject steroids into our shoulder pads?
In Adelaide you wear a hat like this you are automatically a "poofter". If you wear it in florence you're in no barney rubble at all.
Yeah. Get a gym membership before you wear shorts john.

Kilgour. PWOAR!

collarless jackets give me a panic in the pants.
kilgour is going to kick some serious ass in the next few years.
it's like a bespoke bastard child. anyone can wear this thing. who needs a tailor.

is he saying he is too good for chanel?

இ'வே பீன் I've been putting off buying these l'incognito sunglasses for over a year now. Martin Margiela. I remember the first time I put in an initial order was during my first week at university. I was happy because a friend of mine was finally here to stay, to never leave me again. I was so confident.