Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shutup. I need complete fucking silence whilst I consider my next sartorial move...

Do male designers create grander fashion for females than females do and vice versa?
I suppose it's half and half.
If you look at menswear for example, lets take Arthur Galan. Creates some of the most exciting fashion for men in Australia though his womens lines are comparatively extremely disappointing. I don't know why he bothered doing womens honestly. Why distract from his magnificent menswear? To his defense he's been doing mens since 98 and womens only since 06, maybe it'll catch up. but seriously BOOM:

I love you Arthur please read the messages I sent you on facebook. I know I've threatened violence but I don't want it to come to that, just please bring a menswear store to Adelaide. Ya eastern seaboard jackass

Anyway, the thing I really wanted to suggest is that, I believe that women, by and large, design better clothes for men than men can/do. I think men are too clouded by our own vision of ourselves to appraise men as a whole honestly. Women on the other hand who generally hate us, I think, have a truer vision and idea about what men should look like. I'm not going to go as far as saying that men evaluate women better than they do because women are of course unstable cyclonic enigmas that refuse to allow themselves to be understood by the boorish male sex.

Furthermore, I think that women either by default or design, create menswear they know females will be attracted to. So why wouldn't a straight guy want to wear their designs? Like a wife or girlfriend that might fix your hair and straighten your collar, female designers look after menswear for the entire gender.

Oh yeah, another thing. Women love their accessories. Their jewellery. And they have many more options than men do to enhance their outfits. Sure guys can wear bracelets and necklaces and rings and brooches but they are usually worn for the sake of wearing them. Female designers struggle with this lack of i suppose smaller items and details to make the outfit. So they put more effort into promoting what we do have. The cut of the collar, the way a jacket fits to give a body form, the buttons, cufflinks, socks, gloves, hats etc etc. They put alot of thought and effort into these pieces because of their struggle and desire for the details they as females are more used to.

This girl's collection is a little old but i remember seeing it earlier this year and thinking it was really cool. Her name is Siri Johansen and i think its rad that she's decided to design menswear. This collection was inspired by everyday garments and by knit/fabric structures such as herringbone and grey marl sweaters.

I know not really the sort of thing anyone wants to look at given the weather. Pretty cool all the same

And here's an example of female designers making the most of menswear details, Siri Johansen has designed these little norwegian clasps to hold fabric together.

But this, this, is probably the coolest thing i've seen in a while. I remember stumbling across it ages ago and bookmarking it. I since deleted said bookmark and lost it altogether until I came across it again, thank god, thanks to Imelda the despotic queen of shoes. Which in itself is a miracle because she hardly even has any interest in mens shoes because lets face it most pieces out there would more than pale in comparison to the womens shoes that grace that blog. More on that later.

Now if this doesn't prove my argument that women design better clothes for men than men do - then fuck you - you don't know what you're talking about you tacky, uncultured, greaseball gutter trash.

Weronika Lesniak. She's a she and she designs for hes' predominantly footwear. Personally I love shoes and the thought of more dedicated mens footwear designers excites me to lengths that stretch beyond family friendly ratings.

So basically her collection, titled "War of the Banks" was inspired/motivated by the GFC. After researching a whole bunch of shit including but not limited to the Feudal System she decided that banks and bankers as part of modern financial institutions were direct inheritors of the Feudal system. Thats to say they were part of the modern manifestation of it. By controlling the land through mortgages, 'fighting wars' between banks and conquering each other through bankruptcy and mergers. Effectively making bankers modern day knights. Her collection is designed to clothe these bankers for "battle".
The links to medieval nobility can be seen quite clearly in this particular footwear idol. Which is now my footwear golden fleece, pelt of the Nemean Lion and holy grail rolled into one.




oh yeah, i was going to say something else.

heaps of girls are loving doc martens right now. well raf simons who creates little stingers like these

well he's collaborated with the doctor to create some interesting footwear.

oh yeah and my point before about Imelda the despotic queen of shoes rarely showing mens shoes. Well I was just surprised to see some on there because usually its like a womens shoe porno mag - case in point--> click image to appreciate

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