Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is that an order, sir? May I have it entered in the log?

I can't actually remember what I was originally going to write about in my next blog, being this blog. In postponing it so many times the number of topics grew and grew and now it has grown so large and hungry it's consumed itself. Really I just don't remember. From memory the first time I sat down with the intention of writing something was December. There are 7 'Untitled Folders' on my desktop. 1 contains first year design studies work, in particular a holiday retreat design which I accidentally gave a 10m high sheer cliff of glass facade. 2 is empty apart from a photo of a camera manual I have now bought. 2 and 3 contain odd photos of me and events. A few months ago when cleaning up my computer I deleted every single photo album I had without realising. 4 and 5 are a mixture of university work from last year with some odd pdf and images of things I like stirred through. 6 has all of the photos from previous blogs both on here and on myspace. 7 is a folder that has been added to regularly since December and is filled with photos I wanted to use in this monstrosity of a blog. I haven't yet opened it but I'm sure that what I'll find in there will take some time to organise.

So after having a good look through it all and deleting most of what I saw, I can tell you that some of the topics I wanted to cover were: my opinion on the death of the emo and the rise of the new scourge - the indie (and my hatred for them); also, mens workwear; fixies; and a bunch of other crap I no longer feel so passionately about.
It's difficult to tell where this blog might go, we'll see how much of that I manage to cover.

First of all, I get asked often, and so it must be speculated, that I am gay. People who know me I hope are as confident as I am when I say I'm not. This isn't my point though. Someone asked me whether I would ever consider kissing a guy, my truthful answer was no at that particular time. However, upon further reflection I realise my answer was not entirely correct. I would consider laying one on this fella

**Do yourself a favour and skip to 3:50

Those of you with keen eyes might notice the title of the movie a 23 year old Marlon was auditioning for; "Rebel Without Cause", a movie that never got off the ground. A few years later the story was reworked and the role of course went to a young James Dean. Marlon made his big splash a few years later in "On the Waterfront", one of the top 50 movies I've ever seen and contains this gem of a scene.

You can see him accepting his oscar here, you'll probably also notice that oscar speeches havent changed all too much in 50 years.

I also really like him in 'Mutiny on The Bounty' which is the 3rd of 5 films about the infamous mutiny which occurred in 1789 and is a fantastic story worth investigating on wikipedia or something. The 1962 version starred Marlon as Fletcher Christian, the leader and instigator of the mutiny. This is my favourite scene from the film which shows captain Bligh trying to explain why Christian must go and bang the daughter of the chief hiti-hiti, while Christian plays dumb about it. Starts around 4:15

The first two movies made about the 1789 mutiny were Australian, the second starring Errol Flynn in the same role Marlon would play nearly three decades later. The 1935 version saw the one and only Clark Gable take the role. An Australian played the role of mutineer again in 1984 but it was only Mel Gibson.

I would love to get into the story of the mutiny on here but I instead implore you to look it up and to also look into Marlon Brando's actions after the film was made. Including marrying the native Captain Bligh ordered him to bang and buying an Atoll near Tahiti where a large part of the movie was set. Look I even did the work for you:

I don't understand the attraction of modern day heart throbs. Like Robert Pattinson etc, I just don't see any stand out qualities. A young Marlon Brando in modern times would shame any other male star and he wouldn't even have to try. Just don't consider the older Marlon Brando who went more than half mad, grew fat and old, did roles such as Superman's father and hung around with Michael Jackson who featured him in one of his videos. He also pulled shit like sending a native American representative up to accept his oscar. I suspect I'd go mad in my old age too if i looked that good at 23.

Here is red cloud sparrowhawk white tail light feather apache redskin taking Marlon's Oscar for his role as Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather'. at least she has nice hair.

I just realised why it's taken me so long to post a new blog. Between my last and now I was working full time in the holidays, in excess of 70 hours per week for very little money. So little in fact, I don't care to say how much. Then I dislocated my shoulder in a bike crash, following which uni began and I had changed my course unbeknownst to my parents until very recently. Altogether I've been plain preoccupied.

It's taken me a little while to make one point - that Marlon Brando was a fine piece of ass. I'll post again soon to cover what I planned to. Time is on my side for the meanwhile.

I'll leave you with this. If you don't like Marlon as a British officer you might like him as a bikie. I warn you though, a little different to today's hells angels.

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