Friday, August 7, 2009

Requiem for a decent haircut

A guy called anthony butchered my hair about two weeks ago. Way too short. Wrong cut altogether. I look like someone from the 80s, or a goddamn marine, or a brunette lance bass.
I can't wait until it grows out. These are some photos in remembrance of my hair which I never appreciated until I began wearing my current buzz cut.

My friend James was designing these pendants and needed a pony to try it on.
He is Lebanese but is actually an alright guy despite his racial handicap.
This is James. Self promoting his "moustache for the dapper man of the future" pendant.

This is Daniel. He's one of those people who still thinks it's rad to flip the bird at every photo opportunity. Come on Dan you're a big boy now, get your rig out like a real man.

I just used to wake up in the morning and it would look like this. No hairspray or nuthin.
I was also skinnier then, see! look how much happier I am!
I blame people and macdonalds.

This is Scattered Indulgence, they got robbed at the band competition on Thursday night. I had a great time with these kids from Whyalla until I realised that I'd lost my fucking iphone.
Vodka shots may have hindered my ability to "hold onto my shit".
I'm losing everything these days, people, phones, hair, my mind. Everything except weight.
Rest in peace iphone, we had some great times.

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