Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So. I've never been a big Ck fan. I bought a denim jacket from them about 5 years ago and that's been it. I find their designs so boring. So when I saw the results of Zuchelli designing for them it was like a cum-shot to the face. Note Below. Look at those lemon and tangerine stingers! shits changing over at Ck.

Two kids and you still dress like that. Czech those heels chk chk boom.
This is Zanita. She's from sydney. She has a huge crush on me.
This is my hair goal in the next month or so once the butchering of my formerly great hairstyle has grown out.
I know we're all supposed to love Balmain. So do we all have to inject steroids into our shoulder pads?
In Adelaide you wear a hat like this you are automatically a "poofter". If you wear it in florence you're in no barney rubble at all.
Yeah. Get a gym membership before you wear shorts john.

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